Artist for the AW collection of 2018.

Background: Charlotte Tom
Decoster, 1996, Halle – Belgium.

Instagram acounts:

CTD is the first artist with whom we are collaborating. CTD is a graphic designer and visual artist. In her own words, she tells what she is doing.

“When I am creating things, minimalism and simplistic work are my drive. It has to do with how I look at the world and look at things in general.

People look at buildings, streets, the sky or other everyday things, however, I see a combination of shapes, lines and color. The every day becomes abstract.

Through the lens of my camera, I try to capture how I look at spaces and places. In this way I try to sketch how I see the world.

This particular way of looking and photographing returns in my graphic and visual work. I strive for a certain simplism that in itself contains all the components that are necessary to form a harmony. I like to play with the every day in combination with an abstract approach. That’s why I like the catchphrase `less is more’.

My goal is to show the world by surprising the viewer with a new and sometimes fresh view of the world through photography, visual work and graphic design. “